8 Deals on Chef Tools That Will Make Your Kitchen Look Like a Pro's

8 Deals on Chef Tools That Will Make Your Kitchen Look Like a Pro's

Are you trying to impress everyone at the dinner table with your culinary skills? Do you need the right chef tools in order to get started? 

You don't have to wait any longer to find the right way to slice a pear or broil a steak. There are loads of kitchen tools that chefs recommend, many of which can even be found at a cheap price

If you want to become a better chef, keep reading for the tools you'll need. 

1. Zesters 

Zesters can be used for a wide array of speciality ingredients and almost any fruit with hard skin.

It may seem funny, but even a budget cook can rely on a zester to deliver beautiful final touches to a simple meal. If you buy a zester, look for one with a dishwasher safe handle and a comfortable grip.

2. Cake Tester 

A cake tester is useful for any meal that requires physical testing. A nice steel tester can be used to test savoury pies, pastries, and fresh-baked cakes. Cake testers are also easy to store and tend to be cheap. 

However, you can use cake testers to test the density of vegetables and the tenderness of meats as well. Additionally, the hole a tester makes is imperceptible most times, so if you are working on a presentation that doesn't reflect any visible pokes, a cake tester is a great way to go. 

3. Broilers 

A nice handheld broiler can help brown the surfaces of cakes, meats, and other ingredients. Unlike most stovetop broilers, many options online let you target areas of your ingredients without the risk of burning everything else.

You might want to consider buying a broiler if you're ready to cook in layers. That is, it takes a lot of solid technique to cook according to surfaces and interior layers. You can practice this discipline by learning how to sear meats and vegetables. 

4. Mini Spatulas 

You should have several sizes of the kitchen tools you use most. The more experienced you become, the smaller and more delicate your actions will need to be. Accordingly, mini spatulas are useful if you start moving onto ramekins and small specific plates. 

Silicon is a great product for equipment prone to scratching, so consider buying a mini spatula as part of your next kitchen toolsets. 

5. Cast Iron Pans

Nothing says I love to cook like a cast iron pan, partially because cast iron can last in your kitchen for decades and is a versatile tool to have. When buying one, it's a good idea to look for discounts, as they can often cost you a lot.

Before you make the actual purchase, do your research on how to care for cast iron pans. They can be tricky to maintain over the years, so be sure to and slow and patient with the way you use your cast iron. 

6. Mandoline 

Using a mandoline gives you clean and uniform slices every time. This is a great tool to have if you feel ready to work on meal consistency. You'll notice that many chefs have perfected slicing an onion or pepper, but a mandoline is an excellent way to quickly slice a wide number of ingredients. 

The mandoline, like precision tongs, can be a great specialized tool. That is, certain ingredients like cucumbers can be tough to cut uniformly by hand. As a result, you can use mandolines like a second prep knife. 

7. Knife Sharpening Stone 

Any good chef will tell you that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. That said if you aim to be a better chef, you'll need a reliable knife sharpening tool, such as a whetstone. However, you can depend on other things like sharpening steel or an electric knife sharpener. 

Before you buy a sharpener, look for one that works best for your choice of knife. For example, you may need to purchase a specialized tool for something like a serrated knife.

If you use any kind of manual sharpener, you'll have to sharpen each individual serration, which can be tedious and pointless. Instead, use a serrated knife sharpener. That said, you can find the right tool to sharpen any knife you can buy. 

8. Precision Tongs 

Precision tongs are a chef tool used for fine-detailed plating arrangements. This item is good to remember if you've started to focus on presentation after mastering the basics.

Tongs are multi-purpose, meaning that you can use them for plating or making small adjustments to ornate cakes and pies. 

If you are ready for precision tongs, try looking for a set that is dishwasher safe and has an improved grip. It's best to find a pair that doesn't wear out either, so look for stainless steel varieties. 

Find the Best Deals on the Best Chef Tools

Some people argue whether the right tools make the chef. While others believe that raw talent is the secret behind culinary success. Either way, anyone who cooks deserves a great assembly of chef tools to make beautiful and delicious food. 

You can start by finding the best deals on the best tools. 

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