Get back-to-school ready before the summer holidays!

Get back-to-school ready before the summer holidays!

Now this does seem a little early when the start of the school summer break is only around the corner, however getting organized is the way forward- and we’ll explain why. We’ve all been away on our summer holiday, lying by the pool, basking in the sun and then the dreaded uniform conversations towards the end of the holiday begin. Then before you know it, you’re thinking whether the uniform shop will have the right sizes in, where you’ll be able to get a Frozen, Spiderman or Minecraft- themed lunch box, and dreading the task of labelling EVERYTHING with your child’s name.

We have some tips to help you get prepared, leaving just the minimal number of jobs to do towards the end of the summer holidays. Cut the stress and even help the damage to your bank account!

Uniform- cardigans, jumpers, skirts, pants, and the list becomes endless once you start thinking about everything you’ll need to buy. The first thing- and the most essential- make a list! Write it all...

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