How is Data the New Gold?

How is Data the New Gold?

Your activity on the internet is incredibly valuable; both in terms of time and money. In actual fact, everything that you do, including every click, all the pages you browse and everything you buy, is valuable to someone somewhere. Your internet activity and data is often collected, processed and sold daily by a variety of companies, websites and analysis firms, this is a fact.

But, why? We may think that us buying trainer socks on the internet is completely irrelevant to everyone except us and our feet. But this data is sold so that companies can use that data to sell to you again, or sell it to others for a profit. Data collection and sale are a huge part of the modern digital economy. From small businesses and online shops to tech giants like Google and Facebook, user data is used for activity to do with sales, marketing, product development, user experience, and much more.

Before a company is able to process, package or sell user data, it has to be co...

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