Should you DIY your home security system?

Should you DIY your home security system?

Homes and their contents are becoming more and more expensive, so naturally more of us are looking to protect our assets with a home security system. After all, we are literally putting all our eggs in one basket by keeping all of our possessions in our most expensive possession, so wanting to be sure that our basket is protected as well as possible is understandable.

More and more home security devices are coming on to the market with a wide range of features. Motion activated alerts to your smartphone are common these days, as is the ability to have a 2-way conversation. An app to monitor your security system is considered almost a necessity these days, and so is the ability to easily install it. Many security systems now offer the facility for the homeowner themselves to install them, which can be a blessing if you’re on a budget. But is it always the right option?

Pros of DIY

The most obvious benefit of self-installing your security system is th...

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