The best bank accounts to switch to!

The best bank accounts to switch to!

Many of us have banked with the same bank for numerous years – and we often choose bank with the same bank our parents did too. In many cases, we don’t see a reason to think of banking elsewhere. But did you know, it’s never been a better time to think about switching bank accounts? Many high street and online banks are now offering incentives and perks for new customers who switch their banking to them and the process of switching is even more simplified than it has ever been.

Some banks offer you cash for switching, some will offer you treats such as free cinema tickets or free travelcards and many will provide you with a favourable overdraft rate to entice you over to them.

But is it worth switching banks in the long run?

We’ve provided you with an overview of five of the best switching deals out there if you’re looking to switch. As ever, we recommend you do some full research when it comes to choosing the right bank for you.

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