Top 10 tips for cheap travel money

Top 10 tips for cheap travel money

Are you looking forward to the prospect of a foreign holiday this year? With travel restrictions starting to be lifted, many of us may now be considering the prospect of a trip to sunnier climates! Your thoughts might now be turning to how best to get hold of your travel money cheaply or how best to use your cards so that you aren’t charged a fortune while using them abroad. Here’s some of our top tips for saving money on your holiday spending.

1. No-one can predict the future exchange rates

It’s worth pointing out that exchange rates for foreign currency fluctuate daily, so it’s impossible to say when is a good time to buy your holiday currency. The rates can go up and down or stay the same. All that can be said with certainty is that it is a good idea to find a good deal on your holiday currency at the time that you choose to buy it. If you want to spread the risks, you could buy some currency now and some closer to your holiday.

2. The best cred...
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