10 Bargain Travel Tips for Maximizing Fun While Saving Money

10 Bargain Travel Tips for Maximizing Fun While Saving Money

It's no mystery that travelling is good for your physical and mental health. But is it good for your wallet?

Read on for our top ten tips on how to bargain travel today.

1. Be Flexible with Travel Dates

You're not the only one who wants to get away for a spring holiday once the snow begins to clear, and the travel industry knows it. They'll raise the prices for almost everything during peak seasons.

If you're flexible on your travel dates then you can select times of the year when prices are lower. Not only will you save money, but you'll also avoid big crowds. 

Travel experts suggest travelling in early December and the last two weeks of January. This allows you to avoid expensive holiday fares and can give you a much-needed break from the cold. 

Additionally, weekend fares and stays are always more expensive than weekdays. So if you have the ability to take work off, you can save yourself a few hundred pounds by travelling between Monday and Thursday.

2. Let Someone Else do the Bargain Hunting For You

Using a coupon service is a great way to find huge discounts without having to spend hours tracking down relevant deals.

Just sign up and enter the shopping categories you're interested in (travel). Then sit back and relax while the system finds the best, most current, coupons, promo codes, and deals for you.

You'll save hundreds of pounds on travel expenses from accessories, getaways, and more.

3. Save Money on Flights with a Travel Credit Card

If you're looking for a way to save money on flights then a travel rewards credit card might be right for you. 

Consider swapping your bank card for a flight points card. For every pound you spend, you'll receive rewards points that can be redeemed for flights.

If you use your credit card to make everyday purchases like groceries, petrol, the metro, and even rent, your points will add up quickly. When it's time to travel, most rewards cards will allow you to redeem your points for flights, car rentals, and hotel stays.

Just remember to stick to your budget and pay off your entire balance at the end of the month. When using a credit card it's easy to rack up debt.

4. Take a Chance on Location

If you're not set on a specific location, then using a service like SkyScanner can help you pick a destination based on how much money it costs to get there. 

Just type in your closest airport and your travel dates and it'll generate a list of destinations from least expensive flights to most expensive.

If you're willing to try a new holiday hotspot rather than visiting an old favourite, you might save a lot of money. You might also find a new favourite travel destination.

5. Don't Be Frightened of 3 and 4 Star Accommodations

The number of stars associated with any hotel usually refers to the amenities offered, not necessarily the quality of the stay. 

This means that if you don't need a fitness centre or a sky-high thread count then you will probably be comfortable in a 3- or 4-star hotel. You'll also save a considerable amount on bookings.

Take the money you save and use it for souvenir shopping or excursions away from the hotel. 

6. Find the Free Days

Many museums and attractions have free days of the week or month. Scout out the spots you want to visit at your destination and schedule your activities based on when their "free day" is.

Spend some time researching attractions that are always free. You can use sites like TripAdvisor to discover the most popular places in every city you visit. 

Not only will it help you organize your itinerary, but it'll also save you quite a bit on admission to popular attractions.

7. Bargain Travel Means Walking, Biking, and the Metro

Save your money for long-distance travel and walk and bike as much as possible. 

In larger cities, you'll be able to rent a bike for a fraction of the cost of a rental car. Plus you'll enjoy some fresh air and light exercise while seeing the city.

If you have a longer distance to go, plan ahead and use public transportation. It's low cost and generally easy to use.

8. Eat Out for Dinner Only

One of the best ways to save money while travelling is to visit a local grocery once you arrive at your destination and stock up on breakfast and lunch foods. 

You'll pay far less to eat pastries and sandwiches from your hotel room than paying for a restaurant meal three times each day. 

Save your food budget for enjoyable dinners on the town. 

9. Stay in One Place

Flights, trains, and buses can quickly add to the total cost of your trip. 

Instead of visiting several destinations in one trip, stay in one place for longer. You'll save on travel costs, but you'll also have an opportunity to really experience all that the city has to offer. 

Talk to the locals to find out what you should see before you leave and get a feel for what it's like to be there, not just pass through.

10. Ask for Discounts

Many flights, hotels, and attractions offer discounts for children, students, military, or senior citizens. 

Call ahead and find out what discounts you may qualify for to save a little extra on every booking you make!

Ready, Set, Jet!

Now that you know all the secrets to bargain travel, it's time to plan your next holiday. Where will wanderlust lead you next?

Contact us today to find out how to save money on travel and other purchases!