Create Your Own Party: 9 Cheap Group Activities for a Night Out

Create Your Own Party: 9 Cheap Group Activities for a Night Out

When you and your friends are looking for something new and different to do, you'll be glad to see that there is no shortage of ideas. Even better, none of these ideas has to break the bank.

In the world of Internet deals and cheap dates, you should have no problem looking into some cheap group activities to explore.

Consider these ideas below the next time you and your friends want a night out. 

1. Go the BYOB or Potluck Route

Having everyone make a dish and bring it automatically does away with the expensive part of the equation. There will be an abundance of food that everyone will enjoy. 

You can whip up some amazing vegan tacos or try out the crab dip recipe you've been meaning to explore. 

If it's the same group of people you can even consider mixing up themes so that you're always having food that is new and different. 

2. Visit an Escape Room

People love escape rooms these days because it's an excellent group challenge. 

With an escape room, you and your friends are put into a simulated game where you literally have to find clues that will help you escape. These escape rooms have a lot of different themes and challenges that make them unique. 

For instance, one might involve a bank robbery, while another escape room could involve breaking out of prison. When you book an escape room, you'll get a clear idea of the game's theme and the difficulty level that you are taking on. 

3. Start a Group Where You Take Turns Finding Cool Things to Do

If you talk to your group of friends, you probably all have the feeling that you'd like to get out of your norms and do something different from time to time. 

When you put your heads together, you'd be surprised at all of the cool things you can come up with. Start a group so that you all can take turns looking into trips, outings and other ways to have fun. 

Perhaps you could even collect dues so that you all have enough money in the pot to make any outing less expensive. 

4. Hit a Happy Hour or Other Deal

Whether you want inexpensive wing deals or beer specials, hitting a happy hour is the way to go. Just about any pub or club in your area will have these kinds of specials, so check them out in advance. 

Grab a great outfit and hit a happy hour that has plenty of drink and food specials, and the whole group will have a great night without it hitting them in the wallet. 

5. Take an Art Class

Grabbing a paintbrush together can bring about plenty of laughs and challenges. There are several paint and sip classes that will even let you drink your wine while you flex your artistic muscles. 

You might even surprise yourself and gain an appreciation of art that you didn't have before. 

6. Check Out Live Music or Comedy

Standup comedy and music are two art forms that you'll appreciate more when you see it in person. 

It creates a wonderful vibe when your whole group is laughing, dancing or singing together. Comedy clubs always offer an inexpensive show, and your area likely has free concerts from time to time that you can also check out. 

7. Play Board Games

This one doesn't cost you a cent. You can bring board games that put you into teams or groups, or can play games where it's every person for themselves. 

There are some great roleplaying, Dungeons and Dragons style games you can play, or you can have fun with classics like Monopoly or Taboo. 

Bring some snacks to enjoy, carve out plenty of time and the rest will take care of itself. 

8. Make It a Camping Night

Taking a camping trip is an amazing way to enjoy the bond of your group. With just a tent and a few supplies, you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors and spend time with each other that you otherwise wouldn't be able to. 

Camping not only puts you in touch with nature, but it also ensures that you put your devices away and spend some genuine time with one another. You all will enjoy fresh air and the thrill of getting away from everyday life for a bit. 

9. Just Have a Great Time Talking

Don't underestimate how powerful it can be to just sit and talk! 

Sometimes having the distraction of loud music, movies, and entertainment makes it so that you're together, but not truly spending time together. When you shut out everything and have some good old fashioned conversation, there are no barriers and you'll all be in the present moment with each other. 

It is during these times that some great meaning of life conversations come out, and you can share things with each other that you otherwise wouldn't under normal circumstances. This helps you get out of the small talk and truly strengthen your friendships. 

Consider These Cheap Group Activities

As you can see, there are lots of cheap group activities you can enjoy to the fullest. 

No matter what sorts of interests you have, these are some activities that you and your circle would happily take part in. Put some of these ideas to use the next time you are looking to have a good night out. 

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