Digital Security for Online Gamers

Digital Security for Online Gamers

Online gaming security is a topic that is often overlooked. But our Nintendo devices, PlayStations and Xbox’s are just as prone to cyber-attack as our smartphones and computers. In fact, according to the Arkose 2021 Fraud and Abuse Report, online gaming was the most attacked industry in 2020.

And with so many children and young people spending countless hours, often unsupervised, on such games, it is no wonder that parents have concerns about safety and security. Whether you are a parent looking for tips to safeguard your children and their gaming habits, or a keen gamer yourself, here we discuss the risks of online gaming, and our top tips for staying safe while gaming.

What kinds of risks are there?

There are a multitude of potential risks out there on games, since the modern gaming environment is so vast, and full of opportunities for exploitation b...

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