Double Extortion Ransomware: An Emerging Threat

Double Extortion Ransomware: An Emerging Threat

Ransomware, more broadly, is malicious software which is specifically designed by cyber-criminals to block victims from accessing a device or an account, so the scammer can hold it to ransom, and demand payment for its release. The aim is to extort the victim, by threatening the victim with the deletion or destruction of the files or data, in order to pressure them into delivering the payment. This tactic is one of the most destructive cyber-attack methods widely used, and has particularly devastating consequences for large organisations or companies. This is because they are most often prime targets for the hugely lavish demands of these cyber-criminals.

What is Double Extortion Ransomware?

Contrastingly to traditional ransomware attacks, a double extortion ransomware attack is one in which the cyber-attacker extrudes the victim’s sensitive data or files, in addition to encrypting it. They do so, in order to provide the threat actor with supplemental leverage i...

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