Gym Membership for Less

Gym Membership for Less

It’s coming up to that time of year again... The post-Christmas rush to the gym! We all know the feeling of having over-indulged and rushing down to the nearest gym full of good intentions to shift our Christmas weight gain. There is no doubt you will feel a lot lighter, but so will your bank account! So, here is our guide to cheaper gym membership, bagging some freebies and how to negotiate the best deal from your gym.

1. Will you really use gym membership?

It is wise to consider if you will really use the gym membership. Is the gym convenient for you to get to? Does it have the facilities that you need? Could you get fit in other ways? Otherwise, you could find yourself tied into a lengthy gym contract which is not entirely suited to you and your needs.

2. Consider the annual cost

It is definitely worth thinking about the cost of the gym membership for the year, as opposed to the monthly cost. £50 per month doesn’t sound t...

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