How Can the Little Loop Benefit Your Family?

How Can the Little Loop Benefit Your Family?

It’s 2022 and people are more determined than ever to start making more sustainable choices, to create a better future for our children, and a cleaner Earth for generations to come. How we buy and use our clothes can have a big effect on the environment, so making changes to these habits can have an incredible impact on reducing our carbon footprint. And with how quickly children grown out of their clothes, the impact on the environment can be terrible. But The Little Loop comes to the rescue!

What is The Little Loop?

The Little Loop is a website that enables you to rent ethical, fun clothes for your children and help to create a world without clothing waste. The Little Loop have three main goals: 1. No fast fashion – Handpicked ethical brands for 60% less 2. Zero waste – No more overflowing with outgrown clothes 3. No dramas – Fully insured against daily mayhem The Little Loop was created by Charlotte, as seen on Dragon’s Den, who found herself getting a “...

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