How to find the best deals on cinema tickets

How to find the best deals on cinema tickets

Now that we are heading back to the movies and enjoying big releases such as James Bond – No Time to Die, it’s a good time to look at whether there are savings to be had on your cinema tickets. With all the popcorn and snacks consumed by everyone, it really can be expensive if the whole family goes. But nothing beats the big screen experience, right? Here’s some tips for making savings on your cinema bill.

1. Compare the Market 2 for 1 on movies.

As advertised by the Sergei the meerkat and his family, this popular offer is still running. movies/ If you are using the site anyway to secure the best deals for your insurance, then it’s perfect for securing 2 or 1 on cinema tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for a whole year.

It’s not usually recommended that you use this incentive as a reason for buyin...

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