How to find the best deals on cinema tickets

How to find the best deals on cinema tickets

Now that we are heading back to the movies and enjoying big releases such as James Bond – No Time to Die, it’s a good time to look at whether there are savings to be had on your cinema tickets. With all the popcorn and snacks consumed by everyone, it really can be expensive if the whole family goes. But nothing beats the big screen experience, right? Here’s some tips for making savings on your cinema bill.

1. Compare the Market 2 for 1 on movies.

As advertised by the Sergei the meerkat and his family, this popular offer is still running. movies/ If you are using the site anyway to secure the best deals for your insurance, then it’s perfect for securing 2 or 1 on cinema tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for a whole year.

It’s not usually recommended that you use this incentive as a reason for buying your insurance however. It’s best to make sure that you secure the best insurance for you on whether it gives you enough cover and compares favourably with other insurance providers.

However, Money Saving Expert: suggests a little trick to get the deal on cinema tickets and it’s pretty ingenious. If you take out travel insurance for one day for a trip in the UK, you can get insurance for £1.01! You will save more than that even if you only went to the cinema once.

You will also get access to Meerkat Meals which gives you a range of discounts at big restaurant chain including 2for1 on starters, mains and desserts between Sunday to Thursday.

Just one note of caution, check that Meerkat Movies is available at your local cinema. It is accepted at most national chains and some independents but not all of them participate in the scheme.

2. Free Odeon tickets for O2 customers

If you have an O2 contract, then it’s worth checking out their Priority programme which allows 1 free cinema ticket on a Monday once per month. its-movie-monday

There are only 10,000 tickets released each week so you will need to be quick to get your hands on them. Here’s how it works:

  • Log into the Priority app and search Odeon to find it’s Movie Monday promotion.
  • The codes are released at 12pm on the Tuesday before the Monday in question. So, it’s best to log in on a Tuesday morning to secure your code.
  • Then you will be re-directed to the Odeon website where you can book your tickets using your code.
  • The latest you can book your cinema tickets is on the Sunday before the Monday you want to go.
  • There are exclusions such as Odeon Imax and special screenings so watch out when you book.

3. 2 Vue tickets for £7 for some Vodafone customers

If you are a Vodafone customer paying on a monthly or small business tariff, or if you are a pay as go customer that has topped up £10 in the last 60 days, then you are eligible for Vue tickets on a 2 for £7 deal. The good news about this deal is that it can be used any day of the week! Most discounts are aimed at encouraging customers into the cinema on their quieter days so this is a rarity. The offer come out every Monday so be prepared to secure your code and book your tickets

You will need to access this deal through their app: app

4. Family Friendly Screenings

If you take your kids to see the latest blockbuster movie at the weekends, the cost of the tickets and all the snacks can be a hair-raising experience! Luckily some cinema chains offer special daytime screenings of family friendly films at budget prices. Most of the time they won’t be the latest blockbusters but, as long you haven’t seen the film before, it should be fun!

As long as you have a child with you, most of these deals work out around £2.50 per person. The following cinemas have family/junior packages:

5. Cinema subscription

If you are a serious cinema goer and enjoy your movies, then a big chain watch as many movies as you like could be good value for you. Most of the chains offer a set fee for watching 2D movies each month including Odeon, Cineworld, and the Light Cinemas.

There are some deals on these subscriptions at the moment as cinemas entice people back to their showings after the pandemic. Odeon has prices starting from £12.99 per month. Cineworld has a tiered system for their prices which could make it great value if you live near one of their cheaper tier cinemas.

6. Tesco Clubcard vouchers for Cineworld and Picturehouse tickets

If you shop at Tesco, then you can exchange your club card vouchers for three times their value at Cineworld or Picturehouse. It only works if you have the vouchers and live near either cinema chain but it’s a great way to get discounted cinema tickets as £10 in Clubcard vouchers becomes £30 in cinema tickets!

7. Independent Cinema

Independent Cinemas often have their own deals and offers. It’s worth looking out for these as they are competing with the bigger chains and want to tempt you in.

8. Bring your own snacks

Don’t be tempted by the popcorn smells in the foyer and bring your own sweets with you when you come to the cinema. You don’t need to smuggle them in (like we have for years!) as most chains allow your own snacks. They just ask that you don’t bring in any hot food or anything too smelly!

We hope that this gives you plenty of options for securing the best deal on cinema tickets. You can enjoy the movie even more knowing that you have saved some money!