How to Use Coupons: All the Coupon Tips You Need to Know

How to Use Coupons: All the Coupon Tips You Need to Know

Couponing was once the reserve of eccentric mothers on the hunt for a bargain.

But times have changed!

This thrifty practice of collecting deals and discounts has hit the mainstream.

For instance, it’s an enormous deal for our American friends across the pond. 85% of people in the US now partake in the crazed couponing that’s taking the world by storm.

We Brits have just started to catch on. Across the country, every man and his dog now rush to get their hands on a bargain. Are you keen to give it a go too?

Well, some coupon tips might come in handy. Get your coupon-cutting scissors at the ready!

Keep reading to learn 8 top tips for collecting and utilizing coupons more effectively.

1. Get the Gear Together

Just as a tradesman has his tools, so too does the avid coupon collector.

There are certain essential items to assemble before you get cracking. With the following equipment behind you, your foray into the wonderful world of couponing will be exponentially easier.

With that said, set about ensuring you have a laptop/computer and a printer.

Like most things these days, lots of couponing is done online. You need a way to find ‘em (the computer) and print ‘em off (the printer).

Next, bag yourself a binder complete with dividers and labels. This is where you’ll store and organise your coupons. Finally, for the love of coupons, get your hands on as many magazines, newspapers, and other pamphlets as possible (assuming there are coupons inside).

Oh, and don’t forget the scissors!

2. Get Collecting and Clipping

Rule number one of couponing:

You can never have too many coupons. Never. Like, never ever.

The more the better. Why? Because more coupons equal more financial savings. You’ll never see a diligent coupon collector settle for one of each. They’ll grab as many different newspapers as they can to accrue multiple coupons for the same item.

Of course, only subscribe to free and/or inexpensive magazines and papers. Anything too expensive will negate the financial savings of the coupons themselves.

Think about asking friends, family, and colleagues for their unwanted coupons as well. Most people leave money on the table (literally). It makes sense to take it off their hands!

Remember old newspapers too. The news might be old, but the coupons may not.

3. Search Online

We mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth re-emphasizing.

Don’t settle for hard-copy coupons. The internet can be a treasure trove full of digital ones. You just need to know where to look for them.

As it happens, you’ll find numerous websites (like ours!) that provide the coupons you’re after. A simple Google search should reveal the best ones out there. Likewise, numerous mobile apps are in operation for this purpose too.

Find yourself one or two favoured websites and set about scouring them for deals.

4. Understand Couponing Vernacular

A quick note on coupon terminology.

Basically, someone new to this world might struggle to understand the lingo. There’s a bunch of terms you’ll come across while couponing. It can literally pay to know them from the get-go.

Here are a few:

  • Stackable: this is when you can use two coupons in conjunction for bigger savings. Often, it’s a manufacturer’s coupon working with one from the shop (FYI, it’s not always possible).  
  • OYNO: this stands for on your next order. These kinds of discounts are common on the receipts you get from the supermarket.
  • BOGO: this one stands for buy one get one (BOGOF is similar, which stands for buy one get one free). No explanation needed here!

Here are some more acronyms and terms to know about.

5. Coupon for Sale Items

Let’s face it:

We’re all in the couponing world to save as much money as possible.

That’s why it makes more sense to only redeem coupons on sale items. This way you get more bang for your buck.

£1 off a full-price loaf of bread is good, but you could still end up paying £2-3. Redeem it on the discounted £1.50 loaf, though, and you’ve bagged yourself some bread for 50p.

On this note, though, don’t opt for every sale you see. Not all sales are made equal, and it’s best to pick and choose accordingly. Your coupon might stretch farther for something else (AKA something more deeply discounted in the first place).

6. Loyalty is for Losers

You might love your Kellogg’s cornflakes.

But if the non-branded version (of essentially the same item) is better value for money, then apply your coupon here instead.

In other words, forget about brand loyalty. Most of the unbranded items (or those with lesser-known brands) are cheaper anyway. Combine that with an in-store sale AND a coupon, and you’re flying. Get ready for serious savings.

7. Don’t Buy Unnecessary Items

There’s such thing as an epic coupon for an awful product.

In these cases, it makes more sense to let it slide.

Couponing can get a little addictive. You turn into a sucker for a bargain and end up buying everything that you can get for a steal! The trouble is that you might not actually need the things you buy.

The irony is that you end up spending more money on discounted items than you might otherwise. Worse, you stock your shelves and fill your rooms with useless stuff.

8. Be Selective

Once again, not all coupons are made equal.

Caught up in the buzz of couponing, people clip and print everything they see.

First off, this can get expensive in terms of printer paper and ink. But there’s an opportunity cost here too. In other words, the time you spent painstakingly finding, printing, cutting and organizing your coupons could have been passed doing something more financially rewarding.

It’s even worse when you don’t use those coupons! It’s wasted time and money.

Only print and/or clip the coupons that are worth it.

Try Out These Epic Coupon Tips!

Couponing has caught on like never before.

People are getting every-crazier about finding, cutting and redeeming their coupons. Given the financial savings on offer, we don’t blame them!

Hopefully, the coupon tips above will help you get started and maximize your levels of success.

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