Top five ways to save money with Amazon

Top five ways to save money with Amazon

With prices on the rise across the UK and affecting many of our lives, with prices hikes in energy prices, food and drink, council tax and our weekly shop, we think it’s fair to say that we’re all on the lookout for even more bargains and deals and ways to save money than usual.

Amazon is a staple part of many people’s lives in the UK and astonishingly around 90% of UK shoppers use Amazon to buy various products, and around 15 million of us are Amazon Prime subscribers.

To help you to save some more money as belts are tightening across the UK, we’ve researched some ways that you can save when you’re using Amazon to shop.

Here are what we think are the top five tips when it comes to saving some pennies whilst using the global online retailer:

Apply for Prime Student (if you are eligible)

If you’re a student in the UK, then you should be able to access Amazon Prime for free for six months. This student subscription will grant you...

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