How Worried Should We Be About Router Malware?

How Worried Should We Be About Router Malware?

We check our passwords are secure, our computers are safe from viruses, but how often do we check our routers for protection? Not very often is the answer. But if you do all your usual checks for viruses on your computer, tablet and phone, updated all your systems and programs and your internet still seems to be slow and deny access to some websites, it could be that the malware has infiltrated your router, not your device.

But why would cyber criminal attack your router? There are two main reasons; all network traffic goes through your router, and you can’t scan a router with a regular antivirus system or software. This means that malware that makes its way into your router has ample opportunity to attack your devices and connection, with a much smaller chance of being detected or defeated.

The most common way that cyber criminals gain access to your router is when an infected router joins a botnet. A botnet is a network of devices that sends lots of request...

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