What is end-to-end encryption, and why is it controversial?

What is end-to-end encryption, and why is it controversial?

With the move towards the Metaverse, comes the possibility of end-to-end encryption arriving to the social media messaging service, Facebook Messenger. However, the UK government and a coalition of charities and non-profits, including Barnardo's, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, the Marie Collins Foundation and safety-technology company SafeToNet, are campaigning to prevent this. The controversy has continued since the news that Meta have delayed plans to roll-out end-to-end encryption on both Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct messages until 2023, back in November, after the company faced public backlash. This issue sees activist groups and cybersecurity experts in conflict, but why?

What is end-to-end encryption?

To understand this debate, we must first explore what end-to-end encryption actually is. We will start by exploring run-of-the-mill encryption. Data encryption is essentially just a way of translating data from plaintext format, which can be understo...

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